Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain Reviews 2020

Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain

If you have a back problem there are realistic chances that you’ve had a hard time finding a comfortable and suitable mattress for yourself. Here we have best affordable mattresses for back pain for your health.

People suffering from back pains usually do not have their needs met as most mattresses aren’t made for the unique needs of back pain sufferers. 

The reason why they need a mattress with different conditioning s, is due to the their spine not being on an even plane while sleeping. 

The mattresses needed by them need to keep their spine on a neutral plane from their shoulders to their hips so not to stress their back while sleeping and also to ease the pain on their lower back.

We have prepared a list of 5 Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain and also check mattress for Car Camping So, let’s not  waste anymore time and get right to it!

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Olee Sleep 13 inch
Soft memory foam adapt to your body shape and temperature. Check On Amazon
Linenspa 10 Inch
A thick layer of memory foam conforms to your curves to help eliminate pressure points and increase comfort. Check On Amazon
Vibe 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Medium-Plush Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly, includes Vibe Premium Waterproof Mattress Pad. Check On Amazon
Nod by Tuft & Needle
We're bringing the expertise that we have gained over the last 6 years to our exclusive Nod by Tuft. Check On Amazon
Free of harmful chemicals: Our mattresses GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified. Check On Amazon

Top 5 Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain

The LinenSpa mattress is a 10 inch traditional innerspring mattress which is combined with the plush comfort of a memory foam for a medium feel. 

The memory foam morphs into your curves to help ease out the pressure points and increase comfort as you sleep. 

This hybrid between the foam and inner-springs gives a soft comfort and a great support to the back.

To add to the comfort the packaging is in a box so it is easy to unpack and set up with no fuss left to clean up. 

With all that said it comes at a price of 249.99 which is very applicable even to those on a short budget and is a great option to have.

  • The memory foam gives a great feel
  • Also helps ease out pains and provides support
  • Great Packaging
  • 10 year limited Warranty
  • 10 inch might still be thin for some users
  • Packaging might leave brown spots of plastic called carbons but wont stick to the mattress

The Vibe is a 12 inch mattress that consists of three layers, firstly the 7 inches high density base which provides surrounding support and responsive relief to the individual, that is then followed by three inches of open cell gel infused foam which regulates the heat away from the body for a good night’s rest, and finally the cell foam is then topped up by another two inches of gel infused memory foam which shifts and gels to provide comfort to the back. 

The memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic which mean no dust mites, no molds, no bacteria and no allergens. 

This is made all the much sweeter by a nice and affordable price tag of $216.45. 

  • Cooling gel helps regulate temperature
  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Great 12 inch density
  • Density base provides great support and relief to the back
  • Might not be as comfortable to stomach sleepers

Priced at $221.00 the Olee Sleep mattress is designed to provide satisfaction and needed support to the vertebrae while sleeping and one of the best affordable mattresses for back pain.

It composes of five layers which includes a pocket spring which helps position the spine and also adds to the durability of the product, while the memory foam adapts to the body posture and regulates the body temperature while also giving the individual exceptional support. 

The mattress is covered in a soft fiber quilted cover which adds quality to the already great design. 

The mattress also measure 13 inches which means it provides comfortable sleep to light and deep sleepers alike.

  • Cooling gel helps regulate temperature
  • A deeper density of 13 inch
  • Back pains can be less significant with the pocket springs and memory foam
  • Might not be as comfortable for stomach sleepers
  • It is not firm and more soft and mild

This mattress is an 8 inch mattress with an open-cell foam which allows the mattress to breathe and the air supply to flow without any hesitation, which means the temperature cools as much as to your body needs. 

The design of the top layer is designed to be adaptive and does not sink in as you relax and lay flat on it, this also means that it covers up your pressure points and gives you a firm and nice feel to your back. 

Not only is the top layer soft but it also gives your back the support it needs for a good nights rest. 

All of this is all available for a price of $335.00.

  • Open cell foam gives the mattress a nice air flow
  • Firm and Supportive to your back
  • The 8 inch depth means many might not like how low it feels.

Made in the U.S this mattress is one of the most highly rated products that there is to be found, not only is it highly regarded but the features that it provides makes it much more appealing and appreciative. 

Rated for a market value of $535.00 this product offers as much as you spend. Made out of 35% micro-polyamide (a nylon by-product) and 65% polyester which mean it has a firm stretch but with a softer touch to it. 

The very own freshly poured T & N (Tuft and Needle) adaptive foam gives a bouncy yet supportive feel to all sleeping positions and doesn’t give a feeling of sinking. 

The T&N adaptive foam is much better than the outdated latex or memory foam which means it is cool, comfortable and provides great pressure relief.

  • The T&N Adaptive foam gives a newer and modern feel to the product
  • It helps relive pressure without being soft or feeling like quicksand
  • Cool breathable mattress
  • Honest 10 Year Limited warranty
  • 10 inch density mattress might still be thin to some users.


Coming to a conclusion I feel the mattress that best supports the statement of “Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain” is the ‘Olee Sleep’ not only is the product at a reasonable rate.

The Five layers provides a nice touch to the mattress with the pocket springs giving the back a needed support, while the foam gives the pressure points a nice soft touch, it may not be firm but is firm enough due to its 13 inch depth which gives the user a good night’s rest at just the right price, lastly the soft fiber quilted cover gives it a soft touch to an otherwise tight and adaptive mattress.

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