Best Air Mattress For Car Camping Reviews 2020

Best Air Mattress For Car Camping Reviews 2020

Best Air Mattress For Car Camping is always a good recreational activity with your friends and family to get out of the walls that we as humans have built around us and just spend quality time in the presence of mother nature. 

While going camping or hiking one would usually prefer to carry a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad, but if you were to go in a car which most people do, then an Air Mattress is the best you can pick as it can be easily portable and set up, not to forget it can accommodate people of all sizes. 

When out camping one usually has to compromise the luxury of his home for the rough terrain of nature but the Air Mattress screams otherwise.

We have prepared a list of 5 Best Air Mattress For Car Camping and also check Best Bed Frame for Casper  for So, let’s not  waste anymore time and get right to it!

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress
Thickened and Double-sided Flocking. Check On Amazon
King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump
EASY TO USE plug in internal pump allows fast & easy inflation / deflation. Check On Amazon
HIRALIY Car Air Mattress
Easy To Use: Come with the portable electric air pump for quickly inflate or deflate airbed to desired firmness. Check On Amazon
RikkiTikki SUV Air Mattress
COMFORTABLE and EASY to USE: air mattress for car turns the back of your car into a bed. Check On Amazon
LUOOV Multifunctional Car SUV Air Mattress
This mattress is 77 inches long and longer than other products. So it's the best choice for your SUV Trunks. Check On Amazon

Top 5 Best Air Mattresses For Car Camping:

The King Koil Queen Air Mattress is a perfect camping set which is upgraded 35% by a thicker material for the best nights rest. It gives the individual an elated 9 inch from the ground which mean you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on the cold hard ground. 

The mattress has a fluffy finish on top while it has an Anti-Skid Base which means it wont shift from the ground while you may on the mattress. 

This comes with an electric fast filling hand held pump, with two adapters. 

One for your home outlet whilst the other one for your car which means you can inflate and deflate wherever as you wish, to add that it has a leak proof seamless welding which means the mattress has its firmness and wont sink or bulge. 

All of this comes at a very lucrative price of $25.84.

  • Fluffy Top and an Anti-Skid base for a goodnight s undisturbed sleep.
  • Firm Mattress
  • Comes with pillows included
  • Can be used for camping and car camping as well
  • You might have to inflate after few uses, so perfect only for camping and not home use.

The HIRALIY car mattress is an inflatable mattress that is compatible with nearly 99% of the car backseats, it can hold up to 440 pounds of weight and is made up of 3 layers of sturdy wear resistant material (a comfortable flocking top, thicker non toxic PVC and waterproof oxford cloth material) which is also anti leak, air tight and easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

It comes with a portable air pump to quickly inflate and deflate, and can be blown up to desired firmness within two minutes. 

It can be multi-functional working for either car or outside camping and comes at a cost of $59.99

  • Comes with Inflatable Air Pillows
  • It is Waterproof and Air tight
  • Very Firm
  • Comes with a repair patch and a storage bag
  • Cannot be used as a temporary bed for long

At a modest price of $69.99 the WEY & FLY air mattress is a high standard mattress with a thickened, double sided flocking mattress which has a composite double sided breathable surface layer polymer which mean that the mattress can adapt to weather conditions varying from -25 Degree C to up to 50 Degree C. 

The mattress is soft to touch, odorless, thick and stable against pressure and shock and one of the best air mattress for car camping. 

The product comes with an electric air pump which helps inflate within no time and can carry weight of 2 to 3 people at the same time. 

It can be used both for outdoor camping and Car camping.

  • Inflates in three levels : 40%; 60% and 100% to fit most car types.
  • Withstands harsh temperatures
  • Comes with inflatable pillows
  • Comes with repair kit
  • Need to be careful for sharp objects
  • Not to be used as a bed for long

The RikkiTikki air mattress is a comfortable easy to use mattress which comes with 8 independent air chambers using which you can adjust car mattress backseat for different car cargo like the SUV, Minivan, hatchback or truck. 

This flocking soft and cozy mattress is made with high quality PVC pleasant to touch material which is cold resistant. 

The mattress comes with a two way electrical Air Pump which helps inflate and deflate in no time, the pump is three nozzled to help quick inflate and deflate. 

The bed is portable and lightweight so it is easy to set up and move and carries weight up to 660 lbs. 

The price is priced rightly at a price of $79.90 for the features and performance it gives.

  • Water resistant
  • Light weight
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Rip Resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Light weight
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Rip Resistant

This Air Mattress is a long 77inch mattress longer than most mattresses in the market and is best for SUV trunks. 

It has an exquisite flocking surface, with 4 separate airbags and air inlets, it is self adjustable and can be expanded after it is fully inflated for either one person or two person use. 

It has a 661 pound carrying capacity which means it can hold two to three people easily and comes with an air pump that can easily deflate and inflate the mattress. 

This mattress is able to be used as an outdoor or as car camping commodity. 

All of this at a very reasonable price of $92.99.

  • Comes with Air Pillows
  • Adjustable
  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Maybe thin for some users
  • Not for smaller vehicles


In conclusion I would like to say that the following products are rightly chosen with keeping in mind the very categorization of “ Best Air Mattress For Car Camping”. 

But from all the products mentioned above I believe the product that fits within the parameters is the WEY & FLY air mattress not only due to its very affordable price tag but also because it is a thick double sided flocking mattress with a breathable surface that gives the mattress a temperature adapting factor and can hold up to 3 to 4 people at the same time. 

Lastly, it comes with an air pump and repair kit which means you can repair and inflate it if in case of an accident.

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