Best Box Springs For Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2020

Best Box Springs For Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2020

A Box Spring is a wooden or metal support which elevates your mattress off the ground, keeping the mattress and the individual away from the dust and the cold, so here we have best box springs for memory foam mattress. 

The inside of a box spring consists of a system of large, gauge wire coils or which can also be metal rods which acts and functions as a mattresses support system. The exterior is usually draped up in a fabric which is skid-resistant that works as a dust barrier.

Box springs usually act as shock barriers for thin mattresses or to improve ventilation for some users, while some come with the mattress to elevate height and provide under the bed storage. 

While a box spring isn’t all that necessary some chose it for health and sleep reasons while few simply for the fact that it provides elevation and proper foundation for the mattress.

We have prepared a list of Five Best Box Springs For Memory Foam Mattress and also check for Air Mattress  So, let’s not  waste anymore time and get right to it!
Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Zinus Edgar 8 Inch Wood Box Spring
Solid Wood Structure With Slats and a Poly Jacquard Cover. Check On Amazon
Zinus Armita 9 Inch Smart Box Spring
THE RIGHT COMBINATION - Our special recipe for rejuvenating rest. Check On Amazon
Zinus Daniel 4 Inch Essential Box Spring
Durable Steel With Wood Slats and a Woven Fabric Cover. Check On Amazon
Best Price Mattress King Box Spring
Modern Style Dotted Pattern with Elastic straps Cover for Easy on and off. Check On Amazon
Best Price Mattress
Amazing comfort from body-conforming memory foam. Check On Amazon

Top 5 Best Box Springs For Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Master Bed Spring is an excellent box spring, made from a strong and sturdy metal surface, this product provides an elevated support of 8 inches to the mattress while also giving it a nice and vibrant look. 

It comes in a compact and convenient packing which can be carried through tight spaces, while it comes conveniently it can also be set up without ease with all tools which are necessary for the set up coming along with the item. 

Draped in fabric this box spring also keeps the mattress out of the dirt and gives the user a nice, clean and comfortable experience. 

  • Made of sturdy metal material to provide strength.
  • Elevation to the mattress at a good 8 inches.
  • Comes in a very convenient manner
  • Easy set up
  • 5-year warranty.
  • The metal frame could cause sagging
  • And decrease the mattresses longevity.
  • No sound proofing

The Zinus Daniel 4 comes with a very convenient and compact packaging, which allows for easy assembly in minutes with all needed tools for its setup included within the packaging. 

Works with any Spring, foam, or Hybrid mattress and requires a metal bed frame for further elevated support. It has a robust steel frame structure with a wood slat support which prevents sagging and eventually increases mattress life. 

A foam-padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use, and offers the look and functioning of a traditional box spring, but made from steel for longer-lasting durability and comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty too.

All of this is provided for a reasonable price of $149.99.

  • Wooden Slat support prevents sagging.
  • Works with all sorts of mattresses
  • Easy Assemble
  • Easy set up
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Gives an elevation of of only 4 inches which may seem less to many
  • Needs a steel frame to support

The Zinus Edgar comes with a sturdy and robust wood mattress support, which allows no sagging and increases the mattresses life span. One of the best box springs for memory foam mattress.  

This product is available in twin, Full, Queen, King (basically for all mattress types)it comes conveniently packaged. It can easily be assembled within minutes, with the necessary tools arriving with the package. 

The 8-inch height provided by it means that it gives proper height for the mattress to be at keeping it away from the dust and cold. This comes for $154.93 with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty. 

  • Good Elevation of 8 inches
  • Convenient delivery
  • Easy to set up
  • Available for all mattress types
  • 5-year warranty
  • Bed Frame sold separately
  • All wooden frame means it is not as sturdy as a metal frame.

The Best Price Mattress Box Spring is produced with a heavy-duty steel slat support for sturdy comfort and long-lasting durability to the springs and the mattresses. 

A modern style dotted pattern fabric with elastic straps (for easy on and off) cover the bed springs. A great 9 Inch high profile gives the box spring a better shock absorption feature and also provides excellent ventilation from within. 

This product is easy to Assemble And fits with standard sizes of bed frames. The sturdy support provided by the duty steel slat also cancels out noises and squeaks to give the user a great sleeping experience. 

This is provided for a sum of $174.31.

  • Heavy Duty steel gives robust support
  • Modern dotted fabric cover with elastic straps for easy removal
  • Good height of 9 inches
  • All metal steel slat could mean that the mattress could be sagging and could ruin longevity.
  • No warranty provided

This Best Price Mattress of 6 inches is a Box Spring for those looking to spend as much for their support as they did for their mattress. 

For $134.84, some may see it to be pricey, but this metal constructed box spring delivers as much as it’s the price tag. 

This product does not need any assembly one can remove it from the box, unfold it, and lay the mattress right on top; it cuts out any time that you would have spent on setting it up and no hassle for any tools and bolts. 

The Heavy-duty steel construction gives it a great framework while with the fabric cover, it offers a beautiful sleek look and protection from any dirt whatsoever. 

The fabric is also non-skid in the center and helps to keep the mattress in place for a good night’s rest. 

Finally, it comes with a 5-year warranty, which means the product can be tested before actually making it as a permanent choice.

  • No time wasting for set up
  • Great Metal frame work
  • Non-skid fabric
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Expensive
  • 6 inches may still seem short for few people


To conclude, the product which rightly fits the bill for the “ Best Box Springs For Memory Foam Mattress” from the ones mentioned above, would be the Zinus Edgar, at least in my opinion. 

The product comes with sturdy wooden slats which protect the mattress from sagging. 

A great height of 8 inches provides it with efficient elevation while it may not have a metal supporting frame. 

The wooden framework gives it a beautiful sleek design of excellent strong durability. Not to forget the easy setup and 5-year warranty, which makes it a really great option.

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