5 Best Mattress to Relieve Neck Pain

We have all probably woken up with some strange pain in our necks at some point in our lives. Either it could be from some strenuous activity we might have engaged in during the day, or maybe the way we slept. It could also be due to some injury or other chronic diseases. Whatever the reason be for the pain, it has left us annoyed and uncomfortable throughout the following day, So here we have Best Mattress to Relieve Neck Pain.

Neck pain can be annoying sometimes. It disrupts sleep as it is vital for the spinal column while we sleep. The posture we maintain and the surface on which we lie on hugely affects the alignment of the head, shoulder, and spine. This, in turn, causes extreme pain in the neck and shoulder regions.

For most of us, it does not occur very often. But for some, it does, so treating and relieving it of pain is essential to have a good and complete night’s sleep.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can also be one of the reasons for neck pain. 

Before discussing mattress to relieve neck pain, it is essential to know what causes neck pain. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

Spinal misalignment can cause neck pain. Besides this, sitting in front of your system for prolonged hours, accidental injury, and spinal arthritis can also cause neck pain. 

Mattresses can help exceptionally in relieving neck pain. Let us discuss some of the types of Best Mattress to Relieve Neck Pain

  • Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is the ideal mattress to relieve neck pain. It can align your entire body, relieving you from all kinds of body pain. It has the perfect balance of firmness and comfort. 

This is great also great for the side sleepers. They have motion isolation capacity that does not irritate the other partner while turning. The memory foam mattress is not only great for neck pain, but they also have high breathability.

  • Latex Mattress

The second recommended material is latex, which is equally suitable for curing acute neck pain. They differ from the memory foam in construction. Latex is generally made from the sapling of the rubber tree that gives you a cooling sensation. It forms an excellent mattress for neck pain, offering enhanced support and firmness.

  • Hybrid Mattress

The third type is the hybrid mattress to relieve neck pain. It very well contours your whole body, by distributing the bodyweight all over the mattress. The hybrid mattress contains individually pocketed coils that give relief from pain and aches.

  • Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is an orthopedic choice for relieving your body aches. It is a fantastic material to use as a mattress for neck pain elimination. 

What To Look For In A Best Mattress to Relieve Neck Pain?

A superior quality mattress to relieve neck pain must have the following features:

  • Soft and high-density foam
  • Must have a reversible feature
  • Should provide natural spine alignment
  • Balances the bodyweight
  • Motion isolation facility
  • Breathability
  • Temperature control facility

Keeping in mind the comfort, the firmness, and the fabric, we have reviewed five Best Mattress to Relieve Neck Pain that are available in the market and are loved by customers.

Image and Rating

Name and Features


This is an 8-inch memory foam mattress for neck pain is loved by many customers who suffer from neck pain. If you are looking for a mattress for neck pain removal, you can always opt for this hybrid mattress. It gives you the best comfort at an affordable price.

Euro top soft 10-inch memory foam mattress is known to relieve people from neck pain effectively. Neck pain is caused by misalignment of the neck. Neck pain can ultimately cause sinus or migraine problem that is very distressing at night, and you will wake up irritated in the morning. Thus this mattress for neck pain can solve all your problems at one go.

The Linenspa memory foam mattress is made with the combination of memory foam and innerspring that is about 8-inches in thickness and has medium firmness.

This Lucid hybrid mattress is about 12-inches in thickness and is constructed with memory foam and filled with bamboo charcoal and one of the Best Mattress to relieve neck pain.

This queen-sized mattress for neck pain is an exclusive mattress for neck pain relief that is made with a combination of gel and comfort support foam. 


The 8-inch memory foam mattress to relieve neck pain, a hybrid innerspring mattress is made up of pocket spring that gives a bouncier effect to your whole body, thereby targeting your neck pain. It distributes the overall weight without pressurizing any single part of your body.

This mattress for neck pain has a 3D flower pattern design on the surface. It has seven layers under it with a 3D knitted fabric cover on the top. Under the 3d knitted fabric cover comes a fire retardant cover, memory foam, air-cool wave foam, and then support foam. At the end comes the individual pocket springs, 3D breathable layer, and a fireproof cotton layer. 

The 3D breathable layer of the mattress for neck pain makes it highly ventilated that allows easy passage of air and keeps the mattress fresh and prevents the settlement of any bugs or mites. Memory foam is best known to relieve patients from severe neck pain. Buying a wrong mattress can cause sinus and migraine problems, which are the ill-effects of neck pain. 

The excellent motion isolation facility prevents the user from sinking. This mattress for neck pain alleviation is hypoallergenic that feels soft on the sensitive skin.

  • Superior quality
  • Made of memory foam
  • Well-ventilated
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Has pocket spring for a bouncier effect
  • Durable
  • Not waterproof but can be water-resistant

Good for:

  • People suffering from acute neck pain
  • People suffering from joint pain


Constructed with high-quality gel memory foam, this pressure relief mattress for neck pain gives you a cooling sensation that acts as a cool compressor for your neck pain. It has individual pocket spring coils that quickly absorbs shocks and thereby increases the comfort.

The coil distributes the body weight and gives better support to your body. The gel memory foam provides the right balance of firmness and comfort and relieves you of the spine, back, hip, and neck pain, increasing blood circulation all over your body. It has a motion isolation capacity that benefits the partners with a different work schedule that does not disturb the other partner while turning over.

This mattress to relieve neck pain is made of soft cotton that soothes your skin. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture quickly, thereby preventing the occurrence of any smell. It is available with vacuum technology that takes a few hours to retain its original shape.

  • Superior quality gel memory foam
  • Highly breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Individual pocket spring for better support
  • Very comfortable
  • Firm
  • Motion isolation capacity
  • It is not waterproof owing to the use of cotton

Good for:

  • People suffering from muscle pains
  • People suffering from neck pain


The incorporation of quilted plush memory foam helps you to keep your spine and neck aligned, which increases blood circulation and minimizes severe pressure pains. The cushioned surface ensures extreme comfort for people with acute neck pain and headache problems.

This mattress has been constructed with a steel coil that gives excellent support to your back. The mattress is available in 3 different sizes, 8-inches, 10-inches, and 12-inches. It has a medium firmness, which is also great for small children at home. The plush memory foam gives high breathability, but customers complain of bugs and mites. Moreover, the mattress does not even expand properly.

  • Made with plush memory foam
  • Has inner pocket coils
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Excellent support
  • Ten years warranty on the product
  • Customers complain of its weakness and discomfort
  • It does not expand properly

Good for:

  • Blood circulation 
  • Relieving neck pain


The infused memory foam with bamboo charcoal prevents the occurrence of any smell while you sleep. Besides bamboo charcoal, the mattress also has aloe-vera that soothes your sensitive skin and relaxes your mind and body.

Bamboo charcoal is known to relieve neck pain by releasing a hot compression that targets the neck area. This is the best mattress for neck pain that gives a comfortable medium plush support.

The mattress is also infused with b1 inch support foam, 6.5-inches encased coils. The mattress has been a revolutionary in the field of mattresses. These mattresses are ideal for both summer and winter seasons as it is breathable and allows easy passage of air.

The high-quality steel coils give a perfect balance to the body. Made with environmentally friendly material, this mattress for neck pain has been certified by CertiPUR-US. These mattresses for the neck are free from PVC, vinyl, or any other chemicals and are free from smell.

  • Infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe-vera
  • It has a medium firmness
  • Has encased coils
  • Provides excellent support
  • Durable
  • Eliminates odor
  • Customers complain that the fiberglass fire protection layer leaks out

Good for:

  • It is best for people with neck pain
  • People suffering from joint pain


The unique gel and comfort foam ensures pain relief in the back, back, hip, and spine. It is very comfortable to sleep on that keeps your body perfectly aligned. The mattress has been certified by CertiPUR-US and has no use of harmful chemicals.

This unique combination of gel and support foam enables it to distribute the body weight and prevents sagging in and overheating.

This mattress to relieve neck pain comes with a blend of rayon cotton fabric that is highly breathable and absorbs heat. It perfectly regulates the body temperature, ensuring you sleep peacefully at night. The high breathability helps in preventing odor and resists the entry of dust mites. The mattress for neck pain is environmentally friendly, which is suitable for all age groups.

  • 3 zone support system
  • Highly breathable
  • Made with gel memory and comfort foam
  • Very comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Heat dissipation technology
  • It is a bit heavy
  • Cannot be moved easily

Good for:

  • It is best for people with neck pain
  • People suffering from joint pain


With a mattress that has a perfect balance of support and comfort, your neck pain will be relieved. The mattress must have proper firmness and density with the incorporation of individual coils that gives you a bouncier effect without sinking. 

Before deciding to buy mattress to relieve neck pain, you must make a detailed study of the various types of mattresses suitable for your neck pain. 

For neck pain, you must choose mattresses that are either made of memory foam, latex, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses. All these types of mattresses have different purposes that support your neck very well. The sleeping position also plays a vital role in eliminating your pain. 

However, if you are suffering from any chronic disease, it is best to visit a professional first.

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