Best Mattresses for Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of a joint or multiple joints. It usually strikes after the age of 50 but could also affect younger adults or even children. There are many types of this disease; however, osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are the most common ones. Read the article and get to know the Best Mattresses for Arthritis.

RA is an autoimmune disease, meaning that it is caused by the body’s immune system attacking itself. On the other hand, OA is a result of normal wear and tear of the body tissues.

It takes several years for this disease to develop, but the symptoms might start to show in a short span of time. It could cause severe joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.

In some instances of (RA), a person could become anemic because of a reduced Red Blood Cell count, further leading to increased fatigue. In severe cases, it could also lead to deformities.

Doctors can diagnose arthritis using blood tests, to check inflammation levels, and x-rays and scans of bones. Usually, doctors can quickly identify the disease.

Once diagnosed, the treatment starts depending on the type of the disease. However, it is not possible to say that arthritis can be cured. Doctors try to reduce the pain and discomfort and attempt to check any further tissue damage.

Therefore, medication only helps up to an extent. After that, patients are recommended to make lifestyle changes to reduce pressure from the affected joints. These include getting regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and trying to lose weight.

Much emphasis is put on maintaining a good body posture. Even healthy adults with arthritis running in their families can benefit significantly from a correct body posture at all times.

It is somewhat easy to mind the posture during the day, but when we sleep, maintaining the right position can get a bit challenging. Not to mention the uneasiness caused by the pain, making things even worse.

Patients who have arthritis need to lay straight, ensuring that their spinal cord is always in the correct position. The mattress needs to bend as per the body curves to avoid any unnatural poses.

A mattress with a layer of memory foam would be ideal for such patients. The memory foam is known for hugging the body and molding as per the shape of the sleeper. As far as firmness is concerned, a medium-firm mattress is an excellent choice.

In some instances, doctors recommend sleeping on a hard mattress. Still, these are case sensitive suggestions and not applicable for all.

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Here Are Our Top Picks For The Best Mattress For Arthritis

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Name and Features


Tuft & Needle mattress is an American brand. Their queen size mattress is made up of 35% Micro-polyamide and 65% Polyester. It has foam layering and is 10 inches thick. The mattress has a medium level firmness. It is Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals and substances.

The Signature Sleep Contour is a hybrid mattress combining independently encased coils with memory foam and convoluted foam. The mattress is 12 inches thick and is made of 60% polyester.

The Zinus mattress is a 10-inch thick foam mattress. It is suitable for those not willing to buy hybrid mattresses and do not enjoy the springs. This mattress has three layers of foam and is quite firm.

The Snuggle-Pedic ultra-luxury mattress is made in the USA and is 10 inches thick. It is made of foam and is a firm mattress.

This was formerly known as the Sapira, and it is an American brand of a premium luxury mattress. It is made of polyester, is 11 inches thick, and has a medium level of firmness. It is a hybrid mattress combining Avena foam, memory foam, and individually wrapped pocket springs.

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The mattress has a top layer of adaptive foam and a supportive second layer of foam. The adaptive foam, a T and F patented technology, claims to provide a bouncy feel to the mattress. The second layer provides the necessary firmness to the mattress while ensuring it’s not too hard.

The company also claims that its adaptive foam is better than ordinary memory foam. It is not just comfortable but also does a fantastic job of maintaining an ambient sleep temperature thanks to the infusion of a cooling gel and graphite. The foam also helps relieve pressure while sleeping.

The mattress holds up well and allows sleeping in all positions for people of all shapes and sizes. It retains its shape even at the edges. It does a great job of reducing motion while turning or changing the position to avoid any disturbance to your partner and one of the best mattresses for arthritis.

The company is very confident about its products and offers a 100 night trial period. Furthermore, there is a ten-year limited warranty. The mattress is shipped to your doorstep without any additional fees.

People with arthritis would benefit significantly from high-quality foam. This mattress ensures that the pressure points of the body are not stressed. As a result, you will wake up every morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Good quality foam
  • Great back support
  • Effective temperature control
  • Up to 72 hours to unfold
  • Not for weighty users

The top of the mattress is a soft cover to provide direct comfort on contact. Thus there is a dedicated top side. Below this is a fire-resistant barrier for protection. Then there is a layer of memory foam, followed by a thick layer of convoluted foam. And finally, are the encased coils for some extra support.

The memory foam is fantastic. It molds to the shape of the body and is well supported by the additional layer of convoluted foam. These two together keep the spine straight and reduces the risk of sleeping in a bad posture. The coils ensure that the bed holds its shape even at the edges. They also help minimize disturbance due to motion.

Arthritis patients would find this one very comfortable. It provides excellent support to the body and relieves pressure points. It also helps in reducing joint pain. The memory foam well complements the firmness of the mattress.

The company ships the mattress vacuum rolled and for free. There is also a warranty of 10 years.

For a reasonable price, patients get amazing features and high-quality foam also one of the best mattresses for arthritis.

  • Thickness
  • Mattress type
  • Firmness
  • 12 inches
  • Hybrid (Foam + Coils)
  • Medium

The mattress is covered with knitted jacquard fabric. The top layer is a 2.5-inch memory foam infused with green tea extract. This infusion helps improve sleep quality while reducing bad odor and provides a fresh feeling.

The second layer is 2-inch pressure relieving comfort foam. And finally, the third layer of high-density support foam for support.

The comfort foam helps the mattress change as per the shape of the body and aids in maintaining a healthy posture. The support foam is firm but does not feel uncomfortable thanks to the top layer memory foam.

This mattress is CertiPUR certified. The cooling is decent but not great. A topper might be required to improve the cooling.

The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty. It is shipped for free and takes around 48 hours to decompress.

This mattress is an excellent choice for those patients who have been recommended to sleep on a harder bed and one of the best mattresses for arthritis. 

  • Green tea infusion to prevent dab odor
  • Memory foam + comfort foam
  • Inexpensive
  • Firm mattress
  • Cooling is not that great

The mattress is covered with a bamboo knit cover, which is removable. The following layer is 1.5-inch high-density foam with extra buoyant memory foam, further followed by another 4 inches of the same. The final layer is a seven-inch dense polyurethane foam for support.

The memory foam and gel are of top quality. The weight distribution is very efficient, and the foam adjusts nicely to the body shape. These provide excellent back support and keep the spine straight. The mattress can be used for sleeping in any position – front, back, or side.

The mattress makes bold claims when it comes to comfort. They claim to be better than any of the rivals. The top cover can also be exchanged to fine-tune the comfort levels. The cooling mechanism is excellent. The layers are placed in a way that provides maximum breathability and maintains a comfortable sleep temperature.

The company provides a four-month trial period that includes customizations if needed to adjust the comfort level. The warranty is for a stunning 20 years. There are no extra shipping costs.

Arthritis patients would be glad to know that this mattress is compatible with adjustable beds, as well as any solid surface. The mattress is also firm, and patients prescribed a harder surface to sleep on would benefit from it. The orthopedic support system helps a lot with reducing pressure from the body and aids with body aches.

If your budget allows for something more premium, then this mattress will surely catch your attention and one of the best mattresses for arthritis.

  • Good cooling
  • 20 years warranty
  • Adjustable comfort level
  • Could be too hard for some
  • No springs

Each layer plays a different role to improve overall sleep quality. The Avena layer helps in temperature control and increased comfort level. The memory foam helps the mattress adjust to your body shape, and the springs add an extra layer of support.

The springs do not let the mattress lose its form even on the edges making it an ideal choice for couples. This added layer also enables this mattress to serve people of all shapes and sizes.

The company offers a 100 nights trial period along with a five-year warranty. Moreover, they can ship the mattress compressed and put into a box, providing a hassle-free shopping experience.

People who have arthritis would find the Avena foam to be extremely comforting. Even those suffering from back issues would feel pain relief. The weight distribution is even, and there is reduced stress from the joints. The mattress keeps the spine in an ideal position even when sleeping on the sides or the stomach.

If a premium is what you are looking for, then that is precisely what you will get.

  • Three layers
  • Hybrid technology
  • Firm on the edges
  • Expensive


It is difficult even to imagine the pain of a person who has arthritis. The endless discomfort can get frustrating, and the simplest of tasks could appear like a daunting challenge. Every step that helps improve this situation must be taken.

These mattresses are a ray of hope for these souls. However, a patient must study their medical history carefully before making a choice. The firmness of the bed is fundamental in this regard. The ideal bed should provide a refreshing experience and gradually reduce the body ache.

The room temperature and the sleeping position also are important factors to be kept in mind and we have listed Best Mattresses for Arthritis. 

Regular exercise supplemented by a healthy diet and appropriate medications can speed up the recovery process. The ideal mattress is just the beginning of the healing process.

We hope that this artcile will by mattresscomfy has helped you understanding how to choose the best mattresses for arthritis.

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