How Big Is A Twin Mattress

A mattress is the soul of the bed. A right mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep, and must not be taken lightly. They come in various shapes and sizes, and one shape does not fit all. Let’s find out how big is a twin mattress.

Twin mattresses, also known as single bed mattresses, are mostly used for kids or teenagers. They are slim and meant for a single sleeper. Twin mattresses come in three dimensions:

  • Youth size: 33” x 66” or 83.8cm x 167.6cm
  • Twin size: 38” x 75” or 96.5cm x 190.5cm
  • Twin XL size: 38” x 80” or 96.5cm x 203cm

How big is a Twin Mattress Size List

Youth size

The youth-size mattress is usually 33″ wide, 66″ long and 5″ thick. They are the smallest size mattresses available and hard to come by because of very little demand. They are slightly bigger than a crib mattress.

But as kids tend to outgrow these mattresses very quickly, most parents prefer to move on directly to the standard size twin mattress.

Twin size

The standard twin size mattress is 38″wide, 75″ long. The thickness may vary depending on the brand. These are the most common single bed mattresses for kids and average-sized adults, although some tall teenagers might find it to be a little short.

The twin size mattress is big enough for growing children to have a comfortable sleep. The width is good enough to allow proper support to the body irrespective of the sleeping position. 

The standard size mattress is ideal for bunk beds, day beds, and trundle beds. Due to their compact size and light weight, they are easy to move, flip, and turn around. It’s also easy to stack a couple of them on top of each other or fit them in a slim corner of the room.

Twin XL size

The XL size mattress is 38” wide, 80” long, and comes in different thicknesses. They are about five inches longer than the standard size twin mattress. They are perfect for children as they don’t have to be replaced to accommodate their growing needs.

Young adults will also find this size ideal for their bedrooms, college dorm beds, and even for a small studio apartment. Since their length is the same as that of a queen size mattress, two of them can be lined up next to each other to make a king-sized bed.


Twin mattresses are the most versatile size thanks to their minimal weight and easy maneuverability. Also, often a bedroom, especially a children’s room, cannot accommodate a more substantial size mattress.

They come with varying degrees of firmness, in various materials such as foam or spring coils. There are plenty of accessories available in the market further to enhance the sleep experience like mattress pads and toppers.

After you’ve decided which size you want for your twin mattress, it’s wise to do thorough research on the rest of the different options available for your preferred format, such as composition and material.

So, we have cover how big is a Twin Mattress should be in size and you can also check Best Queen Mattress under $200.

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