What Size Is A Futon Mattress? (Standard/Queen/King/XL)

Futon mattresses are usually long sheets of cotton that can be easily folded when not in use, also movable and lightweight. Not only are these mattresses firm, but they also have several health benefits. Let’s move to What Size Is A Futon Mattress?

Futon mattresses are traditionally Japanese and very spacious in their built. 

Though futon originated in Japan, it has also gained popularity in the western world. Culturally handmade with 100% cotton in Japan, in other western countries, they are constructed with different fillings according to the preferences of the users. 

Futon mattresses are beneficial for people with headaches and high blood pressure. Besides this, Japanese futon mattresses have several health benefits. It is also suitable for people with joint pains or arthritis and allows proper blood circulation.

Coming to its details, if you are still asking, how long is a futon mattress?

We are right here to help.

An ideal futon mattress should be convertible that couch-mattress conversion in a single piece. These can save a lot of space in the room. Although you might think the dimensions for futons are different than the traditional, let me put your right, it is not.

The dimensions for a futon mattress is almost similar to that of traditional ones. 

What Size Is A Futon Mattress:

Twin and Twin XL Futons

The twin and twin XL mattresses are the least expensive in the given list. They can also be folded into chairs. They can be the right choice when you are looking for an affordable and space-saving option.

Full, Double ad Queen Futons

This is the most common size for futon mattresses. They can be collapsed in the shape of a couch or loveseat. They are very comfortable as they are quite big for a single person. Not only are these practical but also a complete value for money.

The queen size futon mattresses are the most ideal and in demand. Comfortably fits two people and is also quite compact in its shape.

King Futons

A king-size futon mattress is also constructed for couples but is bigger than the queen-sized mattresses. 

It is suitable for sleepers who generally require a lot of space for a comfortable sleep. 

The best part of king futon mattresses is that they can be folded and kept when not in use. Most people do not go for king size futon mattress only for its colossal size.


Japanese futons have three parts – shikibuton or the mattress, kakebuton or the duvet, and makura or the pillow. However, the western style of futon differs considerably from the Japanese ones.

Now that you know the size and space friendliness of a futon mattress, check out for the most well-reviewed ones. 

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